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Corporate Off.: 0712 2740412, Lab: 0712 2740410

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CO : 0712 2740412

Lab: 0712 2740410


Vein Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is the high-tech, ultra-modern and fully automated pathology laboratory dedicated to provide excellent diagnostic services. We are the diagnostic solution provider equipped with cutting-edge technologies consisting of comprehensive panel of clinical pathologists for speedy and specific clinical interpretation and consultation. We at Vein Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., believe that the use of diagnostic techniques give support to early diagnosis, which smoothen the progress of suitable and quick involvement. With this noble motive, we try to reduce overall disease burden and promote health. We feel proud to have equipped with refined technology and skilled manpower to carry out intricate investigations. We emphasize on the test results which should be trustworthy, precise and reproducible and it consists of step-wise process of scrupulous preparation, perfect implementation and methodical checking of results by the whole team involved. We are passionate about delivering authentic and quality to our patients. By setting standard parameters for accuracy, transparency and reliability, we support patients to build trust in our services and fulfilling their testing needs conveniently.

Vision and Objectives

  • Our aim is to become Global Pathology Laboratory of first preference for Hospitals, Physicians and patients.
  • To evolve new assays and technologies which are patient-oriented and become a hallmark in quality healthcare industry
  • To be the center of excellence for accessible and affordable quality by compassionate medical professionals to all.
  • To cultivate an environment of trust, mutual understanding, honesty, and ethics.


  • Building a work environment where each member of our team is valued, recognized and has an opportunity.
  • for personal as well as professional growth.
  • To enhance lives by enabling access to a comprehensive and fully integrated network of the highest quality delivered with kindness.